LIft Assists

For any claims that come through with a billable outcome (ie. Patient Treated/Evaluated and Refused Transport ALS or BLS) that should have been designated as a Lift Assist Only, the following steps need to be taken:

Ensure this meets the guidelines of a Lift Assist

-Pt has no medical complaints 

-No direct care was provided by staff (ie. wound, splinting, etc)

-Pt is refusing any further treatment or transport

-VS may be present on the chart as required by MLREMS protocols, but that does not make this a billable encounter

-If you're not sure, ask! :)

If this meets the above, email Laura to have the outcome changed on the PCR in emsCharts. Once you get confirmation back from me, the account needs to be adjusted to write off the balance.

We are no longer deleting the claim. 

To do the adjustment:

Account tab


Click on arrow in adjustment column

Amount: Enter full billed amount

Adjustment: OA - 77 Courtesy Discount

Click on the checkmark


Example: Claim #18-22923/PRID 52829002

Any questions, please let me know!

Thank you,


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