Greece and CHS Updates

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

It’s the first official day of billing for two agencies! Today, we turn a new chapter, as we reach one of the first of many milestones that are built upon our teams' hard work and dedication to our mission.  



We are currently working out some issues with NEMSIS exports. The process worked in a test environment prior to launch, but when live implementation was completed, there were identified issues. We will provide regular updates on progress, as well as if there will be any differences in how NEMSIS files are pulled. For now, we have access into the Greece Volunteer Ambulance emsCharts account. Any QA or if you identify the need to flag a chart, please see me prior to doing so.

Advanced Claim 

Claim numbers for Greece will be assigned: "GREE-XXXXX". The first claim number will be "GREE-10220";Patient numbers for Greece will start with "2722XXXXX". The first Greece patient number will be 272212072;Statement, Invoice and Payment Batch sequence will follow the existing numbering sequence of CHS.Greece will not have residency tags, only payer tags (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial or Self Pay)

Medicare and Medicaid Claims

We are waiting on the enrollment's for Medicare and Medicaid to be completed. Any Medicare or Medicaid claims will need to be held until further notice. Please work the claim to the point of validation but do not send. Please tag with either Medicare_Hold or Medicaid_Hold tag, once the enrollments are complete, a search can be done on the tag and the claims submitted.

Community Care/Hardship

Currently, Greece is updating their CCP/Hardship policy. Once this is completed, I will forward the guidelines and process. If you get any questions from patients regarding this, let them know there is not an option for this at this time.

Payment Plans

Greece is also updating their payment plan policy.  Once their management completes their policy, we will implement. If you get any questions from patients regarding this, let them know there is not an option for this at this time.


This week, the Greece Salucro payment portal will go live.  Login will remain the same. Once active, we'll review how to process payments appropriately between the differing agencies.  We are unable to process any credit card payments for Greece until their portal is live.

Claims for DOS 11/15/2018

These should be referred to Professional Ambulance Billing (PAB) at 716-204-3350. 


Will be handled similarly to CHS accounts. If there are any questions that you are unsure of or you need help, please ask.



Community Care

Patients can now be directed to the CHS website to download the Community Care Application and seek additional information.

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